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5/6/04 09:32 am - _hardcorex - *random_

We must get more members.
I am getting stoned this weekend.

[I am off to invite more people]

love u guys.

4/20/04 02:38 pm - _hardcorex - <*Happy Holidays Motherfuckerz*>

Well, Happy 4/20 You Guys!

Hope all of you are getting stoned &getting naked!
unlike me..*TEAR*

Have a great one.
♥ ♪

3/25/04 08:02 pm - frozenlolliepop

more graphicsCollapse )


3/20/04 07:25 pm - frozenlolliepop

Humor meCollapse ) or yourselves for that matter.

3/20/04 12:16 am - bl00dy_bitch - first entry

ok...we thought this might be a fun community to moderate
we are looking for bud-related images/jokes/etc. preferably realated to hot girls...lol
pics of yourself, others, or whatever you think would entertain, amuse, turn on, *fill in the blank* the moderators....go ahead and post it all!!!

rock on!
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