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12/12/09 12:52 am - stupidasso - Joelle of Prettywasted.com

Joelle of Prettywasted.com

I can't stand to watch this place go down the tubes, This is Joelle. She's a regular on Prettywasted.com. There's more of her there. And it's free, as well. I'll be posting more Prettywasted.com ladies here. Maybe this ol, LJ can be revived.

9/5/09 04:31 am - justaguy336 - what happened?

what happened to this place? wheres all the chicks posting some naked smoking pics?

4/20/08 11:49 am - kaizersoze124_ - Hey 420 chicks. A 420 gift for you!

I wanted to help one of my favorite bands and also thanks you guys by sharing something from them! On 4/20 and 4/21 Fear Nuttin Band is giving away 'Can't Get Mi Weed' for free! The link to download the track is in the comments to the digg article.


2/22/07 02:22 am - cumdaughter - She's baaaaaaaaaack....

Hey there guys. Anyone in the group remember me? Before my image host shut down i had a bunch of pics up in here. I'll just have to put them back up! Anyone in here have my pics saved anywhere? I lost a lot of them anyone with any old pics hit me up...until then ill just have to post more

2/11/07 04:19 pm - ex_stitched_788

Showing off the new Baccy TinCollapse )

11/7/06 09:44 pm - impulse2000 - A nutriuous part of this balanced breakfeast

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

11/1/06 10:20 am - lyolicheck - hey chicks

maybe some of you want to share your weed or tits? it's fall here, come on, we need warm warm warm!!!

8/31/06 01:22 pm - cumdaughter - short but sweet

Lj cut for your protection...

Slut+Weed=AwesomeCollapse )

7/17/06 10:53 am - naomikitten

i just wanted to let you know that as a bisexual female pothead, i LOVE this community! i don't have any naked pics of me smoking but i do have semi naked pics and pics of me smoking which are seprate. it takes a modelCollapse )

enjoy and hopefully i'll have more for you soon!

7/16/06 01:36 pm - cumdaughter - Baby with her bottle...

It can't be helped. Some people get the munchies when they are high...I just get horny!

Lil girl doin grown-up thingsCollapse )


7/3/06 06:38 am - justaguy336

cmon ladies get to posting, my cock is getting bored

6/1/06 07:31 am - puppy420 - smoke up you good looking chicks it won't hurt you


5/13/06 02:23 pm - stupidasso - Acid Doll

Isn't she beautiful?


5/6/06 04:57 pm - stupidasso - Dead Babes Partnership

DeadBabes.us is looking to team up with a gothoc/alt modeling community on Live Journal. You MUST have decent membership and traffic.

If you're interested in perhaps trading a bit of traffic, (exclusively or not) please e-mail me at: mthead3000@yahoo.com

AND....so this post is not all text, check out Jennifer from Dead Babes

4/24/06 12:19 pm - cumdaughter - Yup...still here!

Here we go again kids!

Who wants tits and weed!?!?!?!?!Collapse )

3/3/06 04:17 pm - a_clean_escape - Naked Mom

Naked Momma under the cut!
Read more...Collapse )

3/1/06 12:38 pm - cumdaughter - Justa few...

The only thing better then sitting around smoking pot in your panties, is sitting around smoking pot in your panties then masturbating!

Smoke N' PokeCollapse )

1/27/06 06:44 am - cumdaughter - First timer...here we go...

Hey...been lurkin around this community for a while now. Figured it was about time to belly up to the bong!

Gettin' Lifted!Collapse )

12/18/05 01:38 am - dead_gurlie - early xmas gifts

my new gifts i got todayCollapse )

12/12/05 10:57 pm - mi420guy - Newww pics

Well i've been gone for a while, i've been busy thats all i guess. Too much holiday goodness for me haha. SO while i was not updating i was out spending money on myself.. here's some of the stuff i got
Photo's of courseCollapse )

12/12/05 01:27 am - dead_gurlie - Rasta Grinch

how the grinch smoked christmasCollapse )

11/23/05 02:58 pm - one_nad_jones - Please welcome our 420th member!

Welcome, dirtydavey!! We hope you enjoy things around here!

11/10/05 09:07 pm - mi420guy - Friday (nearly)

Well, another week, and another friday (in a couple hours)... I stopped by 2 smoke shops on the way home last night and asked some people their fav kinds of papers and this is the result. Test J's shown in picture, yet to be smoked.. any other opinions or suggestions welcome! so without further wait...
Not nearly as spectacular as last week but still fun none the less =)Collapse )

11/7/05 04:04 pm - one_nad_jones - Almost 420!

Hey gang...we just hit 400 members in this community. That fucking rocks!

You've all been great...I had no idea this place would get so huge and popular.

I'll make a celebratory post when we get our 420th member...look for it in a day or 2, I'm sure.

11/2/05 03:50 pm - one_nad_jones

Anyone know what happened to hot_stoners?

10/30/05 08:31 pm - man_juice - BeaverBong

I found this today: Read more...Collapse )

10/24/05 12:59 am - bl00dy_bitch - new set

because I was so horny tonight, I was quite in the mood for a photo shoot...here ya go!

NWS as alwaysCollapse )

10/17/05 07:20 pm - ecstacykat - NEws! Its about time they support the truth!


10/3/05 11:45 pm - one_nad_jones

What do you guys think of the background? Should I change it? Any ideas?

I recently got a job at a porn shop that sells pipes and bongs. I'm in heaven.


9/29/05 11:29 pm - mi420guy - More pics

i have a bunch of cool new pics that i've just been too high/lazy to resize and upload... however here are a few... one's of a joint, ones of my 2 new bowls and a joint, and ones of a half oz i picked up the other day

Read more...Collapse )


9/9/05 08:11 pm - bl00dy_bitch - don't you guys get a treat.... ;)


my new things...Collapse )

I hope everyone enjoys these as much as I enjoyed taking them

9/4/05 08:08 pm - mi420guy - Random pics

Random Pics

I got bored and posted 3 random pics on my journal tonight...  lemme know whatcha think


8/22/05 11:43 pm - pixiekatz

+6, some NSFWCollapse )

8/2/05 09:04 pm - bl00dy_bitch - did ya miss me? ;)

yeah yeah yeah...I know it's been a while. I've been really busy, but here are some new ones for you guys...enjoy! And please comment...I love reading what you guys have to say....

NWS as alwaysCollapse )
naturally x-posted

8/1/05 02:41 am - pixiekatz - nsfw bong rips

More bong pictures. Taken by nelazul

everybody must get stonedCollapse )

6/11/05 03:04 pm - ecstacykat

Don't let Oregon shut down medical marijuana program

Although the U.S. Supreme Court ruled earlier today that federal authorities can continue prosecuting medical marijuana patients, Oregon's medical marijuana law is still intact. But you wouldn't know that from the alarming, inaccurate statement of one Oregon official. Grant Higginson, M.D. — the public health officer who oversees the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) — incorrectly concluded that the Court's ruling invalidates state medical marijuana laws, and he has decided to stop issuing medical marijuana registration cards.

We need you to do three things, right now, to set the record straight.

Please call Dr. Higginson and OMMP at 503-731-4002, extension 233, and politely say the following:

"I am strongly opposed to your decision to stop issuing medical marijuana registration cards. The Supreme Court's ruling clearly indicates that Oregon's medical marijuana laws are the same today as they were yesterday. Please follow state law and recommence issuing registration cards."

Please call Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers' office at 503-378-4400, and politely say the following:

"OMMP's decision to stop issuing medical marijuana registration cards violates Oregon state law. The Supreme Court's ruling clearly indicates that Oregon's medical marijuana laws are the same today as they were yesterday. Please recommend that OMMP follow state law and recommence issuing registration cards."

Please write a letter-to-the-editor of your local papers, using our automated system. It takes just a few moments, and you can easily draw from our pre-written talking points.

The Marijuana Policy Project vehemently opposes Higginson's decision to break Oregon's law by unilaterally deciding to withhold medical marijuana ID cards from legitimate patients. In fact, if Higginson refuses to follow state law and continue issuing ID cards to legitimate patients, MPP will immediately sue him in state court. Meanwhile, we need you to do your part.

So please call Dr. Higginson, Attorney General Myers, and write to your local papers today.

Higginson said that Oregon will continue to receive and process applications, but he explained, "We need to proceed cautiously until we understand the ramifications of this ruling." Higginson has contacted the attorney general to ask for a formal legal opinion on how the ruling affects OMMP. Unfortunately, Dr. Higginson does not yet understand that the Court's decision does not invalidate Oregon's law in any way.

The attorneys general of California, Nevada, and Montana have already said that their states' medical marijuana laws are unaffected by today's Supreme Court ruling, and the attorneys general of the six other medical marijuana states have also not challenged their states' policies. Please visit http://www.ag.ca.gov/newsalerts/2005/05-040.htm to read California Attorney General Bill Lockyer's statement on the legitimacy of his state's medical marijuana law, and his commitment to uphold it.

Oregon's law reflects the will of the people, since voters in Oregon passed it. And the law maintains its legality in the face of the Supreme Court's disappointing decision. Please take action today to ensure that Oregon state officials understand this fact, and please pass this message along to your friends and family in Oregon, so that they may act too. Thank you for supporting the Marijuana Policy Project.

5/28/05 12:52 pm - bl00dy_bitch - robe

I got my hair cut yesterday at a salon, and I felt sexy this morning....
and just because I don't respond to all the comments, doesn't mean I don't read them...and LOVE them!

NWSCollapse )
x-posted to many communities...as always

5/19/05 07:03 pm - bl00dy_bitch - ATTN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



you can either contact me through AIM/MSN: bizkitgrl235, or Yahoo!: bizkitgrl2352002, or email: bizkitgrl235@hotmail.com


5/18/05 05:36 pm - bl00dy_bitch - ok.....

I figured the best way to reboost this community would be to personally post on it. Being a moderator, I've really only seen one person post....that needs to change!
Definately NWS!!!!!!!!Collapse )

1/12/05 01:03 am - one_nad_jones - Wow...

It's funny...I co-created this community a while ago...and haven't been back much since. It's nice to see that membership has grown and everyone is being excellent to each other.

Aim High folks!
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